Innovation Excellence Award 2022

2022 Innovation Excellence Award
Success Knocks – USA


Founder & Principal Consultant

TPTC, SSR, B.Ed, M.Ed, MACE & Life Member

Founder & Principal Consultant, Emilia Fields, brings extensive teaching experience ranging from Primary & Secondary to University lecturing, presentations at many Conferences in Australia & overseas along with a comprehensive understanding of how schools operate.

Emilia has also completed post-graduate study and research on international students studying abroad.

IE 100 Awards

2023 International Education Consulting Firm of The Year – Australia
IE 100 Awards 2023



FIEC brings enthusiasm, passion, world knowledge and the ability to operate at all levels and according to the individual needs of schools and students.

  • Global Gateway– solutions and strategies for international schools during a period of rapid changes in a Globalised world

  • Broad Teaching Experience – ranging from Preparatory to University lecturing and presentations to many Conferences in Australia and overseas. Post Graduate study and research on International students studying abroad.
  • Commitment to Good Practice – for enhancing excellence in schools and according to the mission of the school being served and Government Legislation.


Our Vision & Mission

Enthusiasm, passion, world knowledge and ability to operate at all levels and according to the individual needs of schools and students.

Vision, Inspiration, Innovation and Commitment to international students.

Extensive appreciation of the complexities of the human considerations as well as the regulations associated with educating international students in Australia.

Holistic approach and practical strategies that cater for the school’s landscape, structures and policies.

Celebration of Multiculturalism, Global Citizenship and Inter-culturalism within the whole school.




A special farewell after an International Education Seminar in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

A cultural experience with parents of International students in Kunming





Can you establish new programs such as Language Schools and International Programs?2020-05-20T05:28:12+00:00

YES – FIEC has experience in establishing new Language and International Programs. You will be guided on what is needed to establish such programs and help you with documentation needed. FIEC can also assist you during and after the Implementation process

Can you help us with the recruiting of accredited education agents?2020-05-20T05:28:26+00:00

YES – FIEC has worked with a high number of accredited agents from all over the world. You will be given guidance on how to recruit agents and what type of educational agents to recruit locally and overseas. Latest marketing trends will be taken into consideration.

Can you help us with the recruiting and marketing of overseas students?2020-05-20T05:28:41+00:00

YES – FIEC has wide experience in overseas recruiting and has done marketing in 25 countries. You will be guided on how best to market your school with respect to your school objectives and your educational landscape.

Can you help us to understand more clearly the cultural differences and customs of the international students?2020-05-20T05:29:02+00:00

YES – FIEC will work with you to firstly discuss the cultural climate of your school and then advise you on practical projects and strategies that would suit the cultural needs of your students.

Can you help us to establish documentation on guidelines and policies in the recruiting of Homestay Providers according to Government Regulations and Welfare Policies?2020-07-16T04:07:25+00:00

YES – FIEC has a robust knowledge of the roles agents, schools and departments play in student recruitment. FIEC can work closely with you and give you practical strategies to ensure that documentation is compliant and best of breed.

Can you help us with Student Welfare, Wellbeing, Integration and International Student Leadership programs?2020-05-20T05:29:38+00:00

YES – FIEC can work with you to establish programs and give you practical strategies to the implementation of such.

Can you help our school to ensure our International Program meets Government Regulations?2020-07-16T04:08:11+00:00

YES – FIEC is well versed with meeting key Government criteria. FIEC can help you with reviewing your current documentation and developing your program to meet the required standards.