Forging Ahead and Beyond Covid-19

FIEC CAN support your school!

Some questions you may have:

  • What can we do in schools to map out the Road ahead?

  • What can we do to help students to transition from a Covid 19 life into a new, inspiring and energising school life?

  • How do we help students with their welfare and wellbeing so that they can become more resilient, positive and hopeful?

  • How do we forge ahead to a new environment so that schools and students can look forward to a more rewarding scholastic life and a brighter future?

  • How do we communicate and reassure our parents of our future educational objectives?

  • How do we work closely with the parents of our students to achieve these renewed educational goals and ascertain if our goals meet their expectations?

  • What are the practical implications the we need to recognise and acknowledge during the transition process while still respecting the Government’s education guidelines and landscape?

  • How do we come out of the Covid-19 cloud and reach out not to a cloud but to a sunny blue sky?

YES! FIEC CAN HELP your school through the Covid-19 challenges and the Road Ahead