FIEC provides services across all facets of International Education

  • Student Welfare – Working with Pastoral care staff and home stay families to ensure the students well-being and welfare needs are met

  • Intensive English Programs/International Programs – Working with EAL staff and administrators on documentation, establishment and implementation of these programs

  • Recruitment – How to recruit and select students that suit the school. How to retain the International students at the school until the end of secondary school study

  • Visa Regulations and Compliance – Work with staff to ensure that all documentation meets the Government and State Guidelines

  • Education Agents – Select appropriate accredited Education Agents both locally and internationally and ensure they have a full understanding of the documents and international processes needed for entering the selected school

  • Promotion – Select appropriate promotional material and marketing projects to showcase the school with its individuality and exclusivity

  • Network – Develop a wide network across Australia and Overseas according to the promotional wishes and needs of the school

  • Other Aspects – as requested by the school

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